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Event Date and Time

Monday October 28, 2019 8:30 am - Wednesday May 6, 2020 3:00 pm

Event Information

This is the registration for the 4 day series. Dates are listed below.

LETRS addresses the structures of English language, the cognitive processes of learning to read, and the teaching practices proven to be most effective in preventing and remediating reading difficulties, including dyslexia. No other professional development is as comprehensive in addressing the five essential components of effective reading instruction, plus writing, with a focus on translating research to classroom application. LETRS is relevant and applicable, regardless of the literacy programs already in use in your school.

Research shows 95 percent of all first graders can be taught how to read. The harsh reality is that approximately 31% of fourth graders cannot read at even “basic” levels. Of those who cannot, most won’t read without proper instruction. Students need teachers who know how to teach the foundational skills of reading.

Now is the time to bridge professional development to in-classroom success with the only literacy and language course of study backed by more than 30 years of evidence-based scientific research, and more than a decade of proven success.

Dates Are:

Day 1-December 10, 2019- Letrs 3rd Edition - The Challenge of Learning to Read - Face-to-face - Series

Day 2- February 11, 2020 Unit 2 - The Speech Sounds of English

Day 3- March 16, 2020 Unit 3 Teaching Beginning Phonics, Word Recognition, and Spelling

Day 4- May 6, 2020 Unit 4 - Advanced Decoding, Spelling, and Word Recognition

Participants will:

- Be able to explain how language, reading, and writing are related to one another
- Know what must be taught during reading and spelling lessons to obtain the best results for students
- Explain why reading instruction has several key components, how they are related, based on current scientific research
- Interpret individual differences in student achievement, based on valid and reliable assessments and theoretical models
- Create instructional routines and activities, and differentiate instruction to meet the needs of all students

Event Details:

Time: 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Location: Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit
Cost: $400.00 per person- this includes, book, materials and online subscription
Target Audience: K-12 educators
Lunch: will be on your own.
Act 48 Hours: 8.0 (this includes the face to face meeting and out of class reading). Act 48 hours will be given for each session attended for a total of 32 hours.
Presenters: Kim Meiss
What to bring: Computer
Cancellation Policy

Notification of event cancellation will be made by email to all registrants. It is the responsibility of the registrant to make sure their information with the CSIU is up-to-date.

Contact Information: If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Pamela Inch at 570-523-1155, extension 2210 or by email to: pinch@csiu.org

Content Information: If you have any questions regarding event content, please contact Kim Meiss at: kmeiss@csiu.org


Registration is not available for this event at this time.