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Event Date and Time

Wednesday May 26, 2021 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

Event Information

DESCRIPTION:  This full day professional learning event is the final in a series focusing on continuous improvement of online program development to support student learning and engagement, district goal achievement and overall program success. This session will provide participants opportunities to explore district program indicators of success and reflect on meaningful student engagement in the online setting through collaboration with other regional educators. A review of end of year program data will guide future continuous improvement efforts and program design. Areas of growth and celebrations of success will be highlighted.

Educators will leave with a plan to support and promote continuous improvement with a focus on the whole child.

Attendees will:
1. Assess their 20-21 SY progress toward program goals, utilizing district program indicators of success
2. Reflect on the inclusion of the 10 ways to promote student engagement, assess the effectiveness of the framework of support for students learning, including methods of stakeholder comunication and academic interventions.
3. Examine program indicator data to develop a plan for continuous improvement of program development for the upcoming school year.


  • Location: Zoom Training (IMPORTANT: You MUST be registered in the CSIU Registration system to receive the Zoom information provided by email prior to event. This link will be unique and is utilized for Act48 reporting (see Act48 below). You MUST use the same email you registered with when attending the Zoom event.  
  • Time:  11:00 am to Noon
  • Cost: Complimentary 
  • Target Audience: online learning points contact, teachers, guidance counselors, administrators, special educators 
  • Registration Deadline: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 by 12:00 pm. 
  • Act 48 hours: 5
  • (must attend entire event to earn Act 48 hours. No partial hours will be given. The CSIU will upload Act 48 hours to the PDE PERMS system). Only registered users will receive Act48 hours.  Anyone requesting Act 48 hours must provide the correct PPID# and provide proof of attendance (at face-to-face events you must sign-in and sign-out and a Zoom event you must remain in the training the entire length of time).
  • Evaluation:  a link will be provided by the presenter.  Anyone wishing to receive Act48 hours MUST complete an evaluation. The evaluation must be completed by end of day.


  • If you have any questions regarding event content, please contact Dr. Jen Gurski at 
  • If you have and difficulty creating a user account or questions regarding registering for this event, please contact Audrey Jows by email to:

The CSIU Registration System is fully integrated with Zoom.  It is important your account information is current and the email address used is the same in both systems (any discrepency will not track information correctly between the systems and you will forfeit your Act48 hours being uploaded).


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