Exiting Foster Care: A Successful Transition to Adulthood - Event Information

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Event Date and Time

Friday, May 19, 2023 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Event Information

Over 30 percent of Pennsylvania’s foster care population are transition age youth (ages 14-21). The transition to adulthood for youth experiencing foster care is a pivotal time that can greatly impact their trajectory in school and life. Young people in foster care uniquely face many obstacles to a successful transition to adulthood, including the effects of trauma and the availability of services and supports. This session will highlight strategies for how educators, child welfare professionals, and community stakeholders can make a critical difference in the lives and futures of transition aged youth in and leaving foster care by understanding the challenges they face, the services and resources available to them, and strategies to effectively engage young people. Participants will learn about important resources and programs in PA that can support young people in and leaving foster care, as well as tips you can use in your daily work.

Act 48 and NASW credits available for participants.   

Presenter: Jennifer Pokempner, Policy Director, Youth Law Center




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