Co-Teaching Series –Implementation of Co-Teaching Methods; Parallel and Team Teaching Models Day 3 - Event Information

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Event Date and Time

Thursday January 16, 2020 8:30 am - 3:00 pm

Event Information

Description: Participants will engage in the implementation and planning of parallel and team teaching practices which can be utilized in the classroom. Co-teachers will examine lesson and unit objectives to align with the co-teaching models. Innovative methods of collaboration will be utilized to produce a final product of a lesson plan that can be implemented upon completion of the training. Collaboration among co-teachers will be facilitated and modeled. It is beneficial for participants to attend all days of the series however it is not required. Competencies: 1. Participants will understand the background of co-teaching and basic information 2. Participants will differentiate between and create a lesson plan that utilizes the six co-teaching models 3. Participants will recognize ways to enhance team collaboration for effective partnership 4. Participants will implement, plan and collaborate specifically examining alternate and station teaching models 5. Participants will implement, plan and collaborate specifically examining parallel and team teaching models 6. Participants will reflect on their co-teaching experiences from the year and collaborate with other co-teachers for continued growth of co-teaching practices INCLEMENT WEATHER: For inclement weather notifications and updates, please refer to any of the options listed below: --- CSIU main website ( --- CSIU Facebook page --- Call In - by 6:30 am - automated announcement on the CSIU's main telephone greeting (570) 523-1155, Option 9


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